Online Companies – Dominating Retail

Grocery stores and shopping centers are rapidly changing in this world of internet-based sales, ease of access, and the drive for even more convenient ways to shop as a customer.
Natomas Shopping Center in Sacramento, California
Recently the Natomas Shopping Center in Sacramento, California was sold. In the shopping center is a CVS, Dollar Tree, and an Ace Hardware. The sale of this center represents the ways that shopping today is changing. The seller and buyer of the shopping center sat down for an interview to discuss this phenomenon and offer their thoughts on the current climate for retail stores in Sacramento, California.

The seller’s representative discussed the advantages of the mix in the shopping center as far as offering a diversity of options to the community. Mr. Fryman, the seller’s representative, explained that shopping centers, for its customers, offers a convenience on a daily basis. This center offers services as well, such as dentistry, which customers cannot find or purchase online. This kind of offering makes centers like this still a necessity for even the most tech-friendly neighborhoods.

Retail Climate in Sacramento, CA

When asked about the retail climate in Sacramento, Mr. Fryman explains that it is really strong there still. They are looking to redevelop areas that are not performing well and adapt them to today’s buying climate. The housing shortage coupled with this issue also makes it inter sting when looking at the retail climate.

Mr. Fryman ends the interview by discussing shopping centers that have grocery stores as their main anchor store. He reported that grocery stores are still performing well and there is a mix of companies who can resist the internet buying phenomenon and those who cannot in their centers. They also explained that they try and have a good mix of companies in the shopping centers. This strategy helps prop up the revenue of the center as a whole.