The Retail Property Management Market is Changing

The retail market is changing, and commercial real estate managers are significantly adding to property value.

Retail Property Management - Commercial Real Estate

With the understanding of their tenants’ business, commercial real estate managers are driving immense value in retail assets. It has become obvious that retail properties which are successful, are made from successful retail tenants. However, there is more to it than simply finding a daily-needs anchor that promises internet resistance.

Perfect example…recently, a five-building automotive retail property traded hands in Chula Vista for a whopping 176% over the original investment. The property is located in a retail-zoned corridor. This type of location is rare for automotive properties today, which of course made it that much more of a desirable opportunity. Although the property was rare due to zoning, it was the property management team that was integral in driving value. Thus, turning the failing and mostly vacant asset into a profitable automotive center.